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Sonya Roskova (formerly Cramer) was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. She was the widow of Dr. Lou Cramer and the mother of Addie Cramer, Dorian Lord and Melinda Cramer.


Sonya was a piano prodigy and played Brahms, Sonya never loved her daughters and psychologically abused them. She made Addie hurt Dorian and then tried to make Dorian hurt Melinda, so she would have an excuse to be rid of them because they made too much noise and made it hard for her to work and because she thought they had stolen so much from her. Sonya had to give up playing concerts because she was pregnant with Addie, She hated Dorian because she thought that she had stolen her beauty and youth, She hated Melinda because she thought that she had stolen her music from her. Sonya was the mastermind behind Melinda's accident when she had cut the girth on Melinda's saddle and blamed Dorian for it though Dorian later told her father that Sonya was the culprit, When Lou confronted Sonya about it, she absolutely denied it. Lou asked Dorian if she was lying, Dorian said that she wasn't, Sonya lunged at Dorian but Lou tried to protect her, Sonya then picked up a heavy Brahms Statue and hit Lou on the head with it killing him instantly. Sonya, with the help of Cramer nanny Charlotte Stonecliff carried Lou's body out to the well house and was given a sedative by Charlotte later that night, Charlotte went out and bought a pair of coffins and brought them back to the farm, Both her and Sonya put Lou's body in one but weighted the other one with sacks of sand and then sealed them up. a few weeks later, Charlotte sent Dorian off to boarding school and it was finally quiet around the house the way Sonya wanted it to be and she could finally play her music again, Charlotte kept Sonya locked up in the attic for the next 37 years.

37 years laterEdit

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Actress HistoryEdit


  • Born January 31, 1926
  • Died February 13, 1998

Cause of DeathEdit

Died after being blugeoned on the head with a statue by Dorian.


Piano Prodigy



Louis Cramer (Deceased)





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