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Shelter is Blair Cramer's new club in Llanview.


Although it is owned by Blair, Cutter Wentworth is the manager and club promoter.


Shelter places Llanview on the map with DJ's, singers and cameo roles played by the biggest names in show business today. Nikki works here as a bartender, along with Rama Patel as the VIP Hostess.

It is revealed that Blair redesigns her former nightclub Capricorn, which Shelter now targets more of a youthful feel than a social bar/nightclub in the original version. Shelter also doubles as a restaurant during the day/evening which is owned and managed by Blair.

Although at the beginning of Shelter 's run there were some complications, like Danielle Manning taking tainted drugs on the opening night of the club, Shelter has revived it's self and is still very popular in Llanview, but has also run into more troubling incidents, like a blackout, an unknown gunman shooting at Blair and her ex-husband Todd Manning outside of the club, and the death of a regular patron of the club, Briana Marland, who died of a drug overdose from the same tainted drugs that Dani took, and her memorial service was held at Shelter which was arranged by her wealthy older boyfriend Arturo Bandini. It was also later revealed by Nikki that Cutter once had a one night stand with Briana. Throughout the first season of the online version of OLTL, it was hinted that Cutter and his employees might also be running a secret drug ring at the club.