Sebastian "Baz" Moreau
Sebastian baz moreau
Barrett Helms as Sebastian "Baz" Moreau
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Barrett Helms (2011)
Current status Former
Duration 2011
First appearance June 20, 2011
Last appearance September 20, 2011
Cause/reason Left town
Nickname(s) Baz
Gender male
Parents Tomas Delgado (father)
Yvette Moreau (mother)
Grandparents Leon Delgado (maternal grandfather, deceased)
Anna Delgado (maternal grandmother, deceased)
Aunts and uncles Tea Delgado (maternal aunt)
First cousins Danielle Manning (maternal cousin via Tea)
Victor Lord III (maternal cousin via Tea)
Roseanne Delgado (maternal cousin via Anna Rosa)

Sebastian "Baz" Moreau was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.


Baz arrives in Llanview after his mother sent him to live with his father, Tomas, who was already in Llanview. He is a DJ and an aspiring musician and songwriter. Baz and Starr Manning forge a friendship and make music together. He later kisses Starr, who rejects his advances because she is in a relationship with James Ford. Baz enlists the help of former pornographer turned music producer Rick Powers to launch Starr's music career. He leaves town in September 2011 with Rick Powers to take a DJ gig in Paris, France.

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