Sadie Gray
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Lillian Hayman 1968–70, 1973 (1 week), 1978–86
Esther Rolle (1970-1971)
Duration 1968–71, 1973 (1 week), 1978–86
First appearance July 1968
Last appearance December 1986
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Doris Quinlan
Joseph Stuart (1978)
  • Maid at Llanfair
  • Head of Housekeeping at Llanview Hospital
  • Relationships
    Siblings Hazel Scott
    Children Carla Gray
    Grandchildren Josh Hall (adoptive)

    Sadie Gray (née Scott) is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Sadie is a gifted gospel singer who often sings at special occasions. Lillian Hayman portrayed the role from the show's origin in 1968 until 1970, returned briefly for Carla and Ed's wedding in 1973 and continually from 1978 through 1986.

    Sadie is initially a maid in Llanfair, the Lord family manor. She eventually quits to take charge of Llanview Hospital's housekeeping department. She lives across the hall from her good friend Anna Wolek. Sadie is a widow and mentions her daughter Clara, whom she says is "lost to her." A mystery woman named Carla Benari shows up in town, presumably an Italian American woman who becomes Dr. Jim Craig's secretary and dates African American Dr. Price Trainor. Many hospital staffers are shocked at the prospect of a white woman dating a black man. A few months later, it is revealed that Carla Benari is Clara Gray, Sadie's daughter, a lighter-skinned African American woman passing as white.[1] Sadie is furious that her daughter would deny her heritage, but they eventually reconcile, and Clara embraces her roots, taking back her surname "Gray."

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