Nora Hanen
Nora Hanen
Hillary B. Smith, as Nora Hanen Gannon-Buchanan in the One Life to Live opening sequence.
Portrayed by Hillary B. Smith
Duration 1991–2013
First appearance September 16, 1991(OLTL)

March 6, 2017(GH)

Last appearance August 19, 2013(OLTL)
Created by Michael Malone
Introduced by Linda Gottlieb
Jennifer Pepperman (2013)
Nickname(s) Red
Alias(es) The Nightbird
Born 1950s
Occupation Lawyer
Former Host of Nightbird
Siblings Susannah Hanen (sister)
Spouses Hank Gannon (ex-husband)

Bo Buchanan (husband)

Clint Buchanan (ex-husband)

Romances Sam Rappaport (ex-boyfriend, deceased)
Children Rachel Gannon (daughter)

Matthew Buchanan (son)

Drew Buchanan I (adoptive son, deceased)

Grandchildren Drew Buchanan II

District Attorney Nora Hanen Buchanan (formerly Gannon and Colson) is a fictional character on the long-running American soap opera One Life to Live and the currently running soap opera General Hospital . The role was originated by Hillary B. Smith in September 1991[1] and has been until the shows official end in 2013. She also portrays Nora on GH.

When Nora debuted in 1991, she quickly made a connection with fans for her backstory (She was a half-Jewish attorney divorced from Hank Gannon, an African-American attorney, with whom she had a biracial daughter, Rachel). She has an older sister, Susannah Hanen (Maureen Anderman) a psychiatrist who helped Viki intregate her varied personas. Nora's popularity continued to grow as she played a key role in some of the show's most popular storylines in the 1990s, most notably the Marty Saybrooke gang rape trial in 1993. The character is also known for her supercouple romance with Bo Buchanan, culminating in their popular 1995 rock 'n' roll-themed wedding.

After Bo is devastated when his son Drew, a police officer, is killed in the line of duty, Nora hopes to conceive a child to give Bo a reason to live; out of desperation she turns to former flame Sam Rappaport. The pregnancy pulls Bo back onto his feet, but he and Nora later divorce when Bo learns that Nora's son had been fathered by Sam. Sam dies in 2000, leaving a letter behind stating that Bo is Matthew's biological father.

Nora soon begins to see District Attorney Daniel Colson. Despite frequent crisis' with Bo, Nora is able to continue her relationship with Daniel, who soon proposes. After their wedding, Nora begins suspecting that Daniel is having an affair. As Daniel is to become Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, Daniel is arrested for the murders of Paul Cramer and Jennifer Rappaport. Nora learns of Daniel's homosexual affair with Mark Solomon, and Daniel is soon sent to prison.

Nora suffers a stroke, and becomes comatose for months. After waking from her coma, Nora begins to put her life back on track, until more tragedy occurs. Nora's house catches fire, and realizes that she is another victim of racist arsonist, Tate Harmon. After having difficulty with her insurance, former father-in-law Asa invites Nora and Matthew to move in indefinitely. After Asa's death, he leaves the mansion to Nora in his will. During their time in Texas for the will reading, Nora and Clint Buchanan begin a relationship, which soon blossoms into love. Subsequently, Dallas Jones, Clint's ex-girlfriend from London years earlier, re-enters the picture intent on rekindling their romantic relationship. Nora later tricks Dorian Lord into giving Buchanan Enterprises back to the Buchanan family.

In 2017, Nora will somehow make her way to Port Charles, New York.

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