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Megan Gordon Harrison
Megan Gordon.jpeg
Jessica Tuck as Megan Gordon we
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Jessica Tuck
Current status Deceased
Duration 1988–93, 1999, 2004, 2012
First appearance July 1988
Last appearance January 9, 2012
Cause/reason Appeared to Viki in Heaven
Created by S. Michael Schnessel
Introduced by Paul Rauch
Family Lord
Alias(es) Megan Gordon (maiden name)
Occupation Actress
Parents Roger Gordon
Victoria Lord
Siblings Jessica Buchanan
Natalie Buchanan
Kevin Buchanan
Joey Buchanan
(maternal half)
Sarah Gordon
Anna Gordon
(paternal half; deceased)
Spouses Jake Harrison (1991–92)
Grandparents Victor Lord
Eugenia Randolph
Aunts and uncles Tony Lord
Meredith Lord
Tina Lord
Todd Manning
Victor Lord, Jr.
Nieces and nephews Duke Buchanan
Bree Brennan
Ryder Ford
Liam McBain
First cousins Brian Kendall
Daniel Wolek
C. J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Starr Manning
Danielle Manning
Jack Manning
Sam Manning
Victor Lord III

Megan Gordon Harrison is a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. The role was originated in 1988 by actress Jessica Tuck, who regularly appeared until 1993. Tuck returned for guest appearances in 1999, 2004, and 2012.

Character history[]

Larry Wolek tries to talk Viki out of attending her high school reunion in 1988; it is soon revealed that Viki had left school and had a baby — delivered by Larry. Viki's father Victor had sent her to a hypnotist, who had wiped away all memories of the experience. Viki is determined to find her daughter; meeting Roger Gordon ultimately brings Viki's memories flooding back in 1989. Roger and Viki had fallen in love, but his apparent death had shocked Viki into reverting into Niki Smith; Niki had been in control during the pregnancy, with Viki reemerging briefly during childbirth. One of Roger's daughters is Viki's child; unfortunately, it is not sweet family friend Sarah, but her self-absorbed sister Megan Gordon — despised by Viki since Megan's appearance in Llanview in 1988. Megan, a soap opera star and major diva, has a passionate romance with Max Holden and feuds with rival actress Summer Skye while working on Bo Buchanan's soap Fraternity Row. Later, Megan softens towards Viki and develops a close relationship with her mother, then settles down with dashing international man of mystery Jake Harrison, her true love. But love can't save Megan from the ravages of lupus, which takes her life in early 1992. Surrounded by friends and family, Megan dies in Jake's arms, and later appears as a blithe spirit to help Jake and her loved ones through troubled times. Megan's most recent spiritual visitation was in 2004, when she helped Viki cope with the loss of her husband Ben Davidson.

On January 9, 2012, Megan appeared to Viki during her third trip to Heaven. This time Megan tried to guide and convince her mother to cross over into the afterlife, after Viki continually comments how she is so tired. However, as Viki and Megan approach Heaven's gates, Clint goes running up from Hell, declares his love for her and states how they have conquered the odds before, and that can do so again. Clint's words prove stronger than Megan's as Viki ultimately chooses to give life another chance with Clint and is revived by paramedics, as Megan smiles on happily.