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The Manning family is a minor family of fictional characters on One Life to Live. The family debuted on May 27, 1978 with Irene Manning.



  • Only current spouses are listed or those who were married when they died
  • Characters who appear in the final original episodes of OLTL, the subsequent continuation, and in continuity on ABC Daytime appear in bold
  • Notable children who are stillborn or die before proper character development are italicized

First generation[]

  • Albert Manning

Second generation[]

Third generation[]

Fourth generation[]

  • C.J. Roberts (born 1987; via Tina)
  • Unnamed child (miscarriage, 1988; via Tina)
  • Sarah Roberts (born February 6, 1991, changed to 1985; via Tina)
  • Unnamed Child (miscarriage, 1995; via Todd)
  • Starr Manning (born January 8, 1996, changed to 1992; via Todd)
  • Jack Manning (born October 11, 2001, changed to 1995; via Todd)
  • Danielle Manning (born 2003, changed to October 20, 1993; via Todd)
  • Sam Manning (born February 6, 2006, changed to July 14, 2004; via Victor Jr.)
  • Victor Lord III (stillborn, born June 1, 2012; via Victor Jr.)

Fifth generation[]

See also[]

  • Lord family - The family Tina, Todd, and Victor were born into.
Manning Family
One Life to Live
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin One Life to Live
Duration 1978-present
Ethnicity Irish
Puerto Rican (Danielle, Victor III)
Notable members Albert Manning
Peter Manning
Barbara Jones
Irene Manning
Todd Manning
Starr Manning
Jack Manning
Victor Lord, Jr.
Victor Lord III
Téa Delgado
Danielle Manning
Hope Manning-Thornhart
Sam Manning
Tina Lord
C.J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Cord Roberts
Todd, Starr, and Jack