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Liam McBain
Finn Roberts as Liam McBain
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Unknown Babies (2011)

Christian and Gavin McGinley (2011-2012) Finn Robbins (2013)

Current status Recurring
Duration 2011-present
First appearance January 11, 2011
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Family Lord, Buchanan, McBain
Alias(es) Liam Asa McBain (birth/full name)
Liam Asa Lovett
Namesake(s) Asa Buchanan
Gender Male
Born January 11, 2011
Age 8
Residence Natalie's Apartment, Llanview, Pennsylvania
Parents John McBain
Natalie Buchanan
Grandparents Thomas McBain
Eve McBain
Clint Buchanan
Viki Lord
Roxy Balsom (adoptive)
Great-grandparents Victor Lord
Eugenia Lord
Asa Buchanan
Olympia Buchanan
Dorian Lord (step)
Aunts and uncles Michael McBain
Theresa McBai
Marcie McBain
Cord Roberts
Megan Gordon
Kevin Buchanan
Joey Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
Rex Balsom
Great-aunts and uncles Ben Davidson
Bo Buchanan
Nora Hanen
Todd Manning
Victor Lord Jr
Tea Lord
Cord Roberts
Tony Lord
Meredith Lord
First cousins Gabriel McBain
Unnamed McBain
Bree Brennan
Ryder Ford
Duke Buchanan
Shane Balsom
C. J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
(first cousins)
David Vickers
Drew Buchanan
Matthew Buchanan
Brian Kendall
Daniel Wolek
Starr Manning
Danielle Manning
Jack Manning
Sam Manning
Victor Lord III
(second cousins)
Drew Buchanan II
Hope Manning
(third cousins)
Godparents Rex Balsom
Gigi Balsom

Liam Asa McBain is a fictional character on the ABC and Prospect Park soap opera One Life to Live.  He is the son of Natalie Buchanan and John McBain. He was born on January 11, 2011 and was believed to be Brody Lovett's son.


In 2010, Natalie Banks Buchanan finds out that she is pregnant, but is unsure if the child's father is biologically her on and off boyfriend, John McBain, or her one-night-stand Brody Lovett. Natalie gets a paternity test which shows Brody is the father and refuses to tell John. John and Natalie then get back together to raise "their" baby. Although John's ex lover, Marty Saybrooke who is mentally unstable, tries to tell John, but fails. Natalie then decides she is going to tell John about who the baby's true father is before Marty can, but goes into labor. She successfully gives birth to a baby boy and they name him Liam Asa McBain, after his great grandfather. Natalie then decides that she is not going to tell the truth about Liam being Brody's son since Marty gets locked up in a mental hospital and cannot tell John. On Valentine Day's, John and Natalie have a double wedding with Natalie's sister (Liam's aunt) Jessica Buchanan and Liam's "true" father Brody. During the wedding, Natalie's father Clint Buchanan reveals to everyone that Brody is the true father. John leaves Natalie and begins to date Kelly Cramer. Brody and Jessica also break up, and both feeling lonely, Brody and Natalie get back together. Brody forgives Natalie and he begins to bond with his "biological" son.

In Spring 2011, Marty is released from the mental hospital and reveals to her shrink that she switched the DNA test, so Natalie and John wouldn't get back together, and Liam is in-fact John's son. Natalie, wanting to see what Marty is up to, listens to the tape. When Natalie learns that Liam is John's son, she races to tell him. What she doesn't know, however, is Marty has gone over the edge and is having a breakdown. When Natalie arrives at Liam's apartment, Marty has already stabbed John's lover Kelly Cramer. Natalie, however, doesn't find Kelly and goes to the roof of John's apartment after reading a note Marty wrote, pretending to be "John", saying that he was up there. On the roof, Natalie confronts Marty about switching the DNA test. Marty pushes Natalie off the roof and kidnaps Liam. Natalie is fine and Liam is rescued, but due to Natalie's brain injury, she forgets what she heard on Marty's recording. Marty leaves Llanview and Natalie and Brody continue their relationship, leaving everyone to still believe Liam is Brody's father, but what no one knows is that Brody has also listened to the tape and knows John is Liam's real father. Brody doesn't tell Natalie and proposes to her and she accepts. On their wedding day, Liam's great aunt Tina Lord reveals that Liam is John's father. Natalie leaves Brody and tells John. Brody, overwhelmed with emotions, kidnaps Liam. John and Natalie find Brody and he hands Liam over to his true father and mother. John and Natalie then begin to raise their son.

In March 2012, John leaves Llanview to go to Port Charles to take down mobster Sonny Corinthos, the man who killed John's sister (Liam's aunt) Theresa. John continues to talk to Natalie and Liam through the phone and they both can't wait until he comes home. However, in August, Natalie receives a letter from uncle Todd Manning which contains a picture of John kissing another woman named Sam. Digested, Natalie leaves Llanview and takes Liam with her and head to London to get away from John. John tries to go to London to see Liam and Natalie, but Natalie had taken John's passport with her, so he couldn't go to England. Natalie then files a restraining order against John so he can't see Liam. Natalie then sends a letter saying that she has moved on in her life with someone new (who is Cutter Wentworth) and that if he really loves Liam he should leave him alone.