Jim Craig
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Robert Milli (1968–69)
Nat Polen (1969–81)
Duration 1968–81
First appearance July 15, 1968
Last appearance April 1981
Created by Agnes Nixon
Introduced by Doris Quinlan
  • Physician
  • Chief of Staff at Llanview Hospital
  • Relationships
    Spouses Unnamed Nolan (pre-1968)
    Anna Wolek (1970–81)
    Children Cathy Craig
    Grandchildren Megan Craig Riley

    Dr. James "Jim" Craig was a fictional character on the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live. Robert Milli originated the role on the series debut in July 1968. In 1969, Nat Polen took over the character until his death in April 1981.


    File:Nat Polen Peggy Wood Amy Levitt One Life to Live 1970.JPG
    At the start of the series, Jim works at Llanview Hospital and soon becomes the supervisor and a mentor to then-resident physicians Larry Wolek and Price Trainor. Jim, a widower, has a young daughter, Cathy Craig. He falls in love with a young patient and aspiring actress, Carla Benari, in October 1968. Dr. Craig soon asks Carla to marry him, and Carla accepts, even though she knows she does love him as much as he loves her. Jim continues to profess his love of Carla, even after learning that the assumed Italian American is actually a light-skinned African American, passing for white, a controversial plot for the era.[1] Nevertheless, Carla returned his engagement ring. Soon afterward, Jim falls in love with Anna Wolek (Doris Belack) in 1969, marrying her on the episode first-run April 10, 1970. Throughout the 1970s, Jim and Anna primarily serve as supporting characters, Jim as a primary town doctor, and Anna as a housewife and socialite who offers wise advise to the more dynamic characters. Jim's daughter, Cathy, however becomes a major troublemaker.

    Jim and Anna remain in Llanview and give advice to their friends for the rest of the decade. When actor Nat Polen died of pancreatic cancer in 1981,[2] the character dies a mirrored fate in April 1981. Widow Anna leaves Llanview in December 1982. Template:-


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