Jessica "Jessie" Eden Malakouti is an American singer-songwriter, actress and dancer.  She is cast to appear OLTL reboot and she appeared on May 14th as a special musical appearance.  She is presumably not the recast of Blair's daughter Starr Manning because Blair clearly didn't know who she was and Malakouti was playing the role of an underage auditioning singer who wanted a drink.

In 2011 Jessie toured North America as a support act with Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj, on the Femme Fatale Tour, and as a main stage act alongside Kaskade, Rusko, Steve Aoki, and Avici on the Identity Festival.


In 2006 Malakouti signed with Epic Records. Shut Up Stella's music appeared in a variety of media between 2007–2008; "Watch Me Rain" was featured in MTV's "Sweet 16 The Movie" and "Welcome to My Party" appeared in the 2008 films "Girl Positive" and Baby Mama. On March 27, 2008 Shut Up Stella had been dropped by Epic and that Malakouti had decided to go solo.[1]

In 2008 Malakouti's songs "Trash Me" and "Outsider" appeared in episodes of MTV's The Hills.[2][3] The songs were also independently released as music videos and digital downloads by Malakouti herself.

She is published as a songwriter by EMI and has been splittin
g her time between Los Angeles and London working on her debut solo album as well as writing for The UK's top pop production house Xenomania.[4]

During 2011, Jessie and the Toy Boys' song, "We Own The Night", was used by The CW Network in their general promos for the station, as well as the station's written "motto" in their station promos. Jessie and the Toy Boys' first single "Push It", released February 2011, peaked at 7 on the Billboard dance chart.

In June of 2011, Jessie and the Toy Boys released an EP titled, Show Me Your Tan Lines, and made her network television debut on the Conan O'Brien Show.[5] During this time, Jessie and the Toy Boys was one of the opening acts during Britney Spears' sixth concert tour, the Femme Fatale Tour.[6]


Jesse released the albums Push It Featuring Yelawolf: The Remixes and Show Me Your Tan Lines in 2011, neither of which charted or produced singles that charted. Her work also appeared in The Annual 2010 (2009, Ministry of Sound) and Dance Nation 2 (2009, Ministry of Sound) compilation albums.


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