Inez Salinger
Jessica Leccia as Inez Salinger
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Jessica Leccia (2010-2011)
Duration 2010-11
First appearance June 18, 2010
Last appearance May 4, 2011
Cause/reason Left Town
Created by Ron Carlivati (creator)

Frak Valentini (introduced by)

Alias(es) Inez Salinger (full name)
Gender Female
Occupation Assistant for the Police Commissioner
Spouses Eddie Ford (former)
Children Robert Ford
James Ford
Nate Salinger
Grandchildren Ryder Ford (via Robert)

Inez Salinger (formerly Ford) is a fictional character from the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.


Inez Salinger was introduced in June 2010 as the struggling mother of Nate Salinger. In an effort to help his mother with her financial struggles, Nate gave her $50,000 worth of stolen money that he found in the woods. It soon became clear that the money had been stolen from the father of Ford brothers, James and Robert, who were also revealed to be Inez's sons. Inez had been forced to abandon the boys as children due to an abusive relationship with her husband and the boys father.

Although James didn't recognize Inez when she returned the money that belonged to him, Robert pushed Inez away and refused to forgive her. Feeling desperate, Inez confided her troubled past to Bo Buchanan after he pulled her over for erratic driving. Bo subsequently offered the financially troubled Inez a job working for him as his assistant. As of fall 2010, Bo's brother Clint has began courting Inez, making her a potential love interest. He has helped out her family financially on several occasions, including her nearly-estranged son Robert Ford. It is revealed that she's the paternal grandmother of Ryder Ford.

Eventually, Inez becomes a pawn of Clint's revenge plot against Bo and Nora Buchanan. Clint bails Eddie, James and Robert's abusive father, out of jail and blackmails Inez into helping him with his plans, simultaneously having Eddie kidnap Nora and hold her hostage for a few hours while Inez seduces Bo. While Inez drugs Bo, she is unable to bring herself to actually have sex with him and instead allows him to believe as such. Nora is rescued by Rex Balsom, while Eddie is murdered in his hotel room hours later.

Nate takes the blame for Eddie's murder, though many people have their doubts. After his trial, Bo and Nora confront Inez over her attempt to seduce Bo, and Inez admits that she had been forced to do so by Clint. Initially skeptical, Bo and Nora realize that Inez is telling the truth upon looking at the evidence; namely, the high-priced lawyer assigned to Eddie when he assaulted James at Thanksgiving, and the fact that Clint had earlier threatened them with a shotgun. However, they nonetheless have Inez arrested for drugging Bo. Before she is taken away, Nora tells Inez that, while she had been forced to do all of this by Clint, the fact that she never bothered to simply come to them in the first place has convinced her that she was also, at least partly, trying to break them up of her own free will.

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