One Life to Live
Portrayed by Jessie Malakouti
Current status Recurring
Duration 2013-present
First appearance May 14, 2013
Created by Thom Racina
Susan Bedsow Horgan
Introduced by Jennifer Pepperman
Gender Female
  • Singer at Shelter nighclub
  • Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania
    Romances Cutter Wentworth (flirtation, 2013)

    Dusky is a fictional character on the Prospect Park's online reboot played by singer Jessie Malakouti since May 14, 2013.


    Dusky is the 20 year old singer that the manager of Llanview's brand new nightclub Shelter Cutter Wentworth gets to audition that his boss and the club's owner Blair Cramer initially doesn't like due to her rebellious attitude, and her wanting to order an alcoholic drink even though she is still underage. However, she becomes a singer at Shelter after she impresses Blair with her perfrmance at the club. Dusky also flirts with her boss Cutter.