Duke Buchanan
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Matthew Metzger (2004–06)
Duration 1992–94, 2004–06
First appearance June 29, 1992
Last appearance May 22, 2006
Created by Josh Griffith
Michael Malone
Introduced by Linda Gottlieb
Frank Valentini (2004)
Family Lord
Buchanan (adoptive)
Alias(es) Demerest Buchanan
Occupation Executive for Buchanan Enterprises
Parents Kevin Riley Buchanan
LeeAnn Demerest
Children Zane Buchanan
Grandparents Joe Riley
Victoria Lord
Clint Buchanan (adoptive)
Duann Demerest
Aunts and uncles Megan Gordon
Cord Roberts (adoptive)
Megan Craig Riley
Joey Riley Buchanan
Rex Balsom (adoptive)
Jessica Buchanan
Natalie Buchanan
First cousins Shane Balsom (adoptive)
Bree Brennan
Ryder Ford
Liam McBain
Adam and Connor O'Brien (1992)[1]
David and Michael DeFranco (December 1993 – January 1994)[1]
Matthew Metzger (August 23, 2004 – May 22, 2006)[1]

Demerest "Duke" Buchanan is the son of Kevin Buchanan and LeeAnn Demerest. On the rebound from a failed romance with Stephanie Hobart, Kevin becomes involved with LeeAnn. They sleep together and LeeAnn becomes pregnant; Kevin finds out in 1992, and he and LeeAnn elope. Their son Duke is born in 1992, but their marriage crumbles over her closeness with Jason Webb. Kevin and LeeAnn divorce, and at one point in the fierce custody battle LeeAnn insists Duke is Max Holden's son. LeeAnn ultimately leaves town for Texas with Duke in 1993.

In 2004, Kevin is married to Kelly Cramer; they become involved in a messy divorce and an even messier custody battle over their son Ace. Somewhat bitter over Kevin's lack of participation in his life so far, an adult Duke comes to town to attend business school and sides with Kelly, even testifying for her in court. Kevin and Kelly's marriage completely collapses when Kevin discovers that Kelly had miscarried their biological child, adopted another baby illegally, and passed him off as theirs; Ace turns out to have been stolen from his biological mother, and a devastated Kevin and Kelly return him.

Meanwhile, Duke has begun a relationship with Adriana Cramer; her mother Dorian Lord has hated the Buchanans for decades and despises the match. But when Adriana breaks up with Duke over her increasing feelings for Rex Balsom, Duke turns to alcohol and admits to Kelly that he has fallen in love with her. She convinces him that his feelings are not real, and they part. Later on in the St. James Church rectory, Duke again comes across Kelly, distraught from a horrible argument with Kevin. Their emotions get the best of them and they have sex, but a tornado hits and they are buried under debris. Critically injured, Duke and Kelly are rushed to Llanview Hospital, where a shortage of surgeons puts Kevin in the impossible position of choosing who will be operated on first. He chooses Kelly, whom he is told by the doctors is in more desperate need. Kevin is devastated when Duke dies on May 15, 2006 before he can be brought into surgery.

Initially blaming Kelly for Duke's death, Kevin goes off the deep end when he learns that Kelly is pregnant with Duke's child. Having both had fertility issues in the past, Kevin and Kelly begin to view the pregnancy as a blessing, and are brought closer together. Kevin is by Kelly's side when Duke's son Zane is born on October 31, 2006. Kelly accepts Kevin's invitation to accompany him to London, where they can start over and raise Zane together.

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