Drew Buchanan I was a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live.  He is the son of Bo Buchanan and brother David Vickers and Matthew Buchanan.  He was last played by Samuel Ball in 1998, where he was killed in the line of duty.  Keith Bogart and Victor Browne also played the character. Matthew would name his child, Drew Buchanan II, after his brother in 2012.


Drew Buchanan is the son of Bo Buchanan and Becky Lee Abbott (née Hunt) conceived during a one-night stand.  At that time Bo was engaged to Delilah Ralston.  When Becky realized that she was pregnant, she accepted the proposal of Drew Ralston (Delilah's brother).  However, Drew Ralston is killed on the wedding day and Asa Buchanan assumed that the child was Bo's, he decided to offer marriage to Becky to give the child the Buchanan name.  Drew Buchanan is born on September 23, 1983 (later revised to 1976).  Becky leaves town later in 1985 with new husband Jesse Wilde.

A SORASed teenaged Drew attended the 1988 funeral of Bo's then-wife and his stepmother Didi O'Neill and left in 1989.  Drew returns as the bitter estranged son of Bo in 1996, influenced by his mother's torrid feelings toward the Buchanan family. A charming and troubled young man, he engages in romantic liaisons with some women in Llanview before leaving again in 1997. In 1998, a reformed Drew, freshly graduated from the police academy, returns to Llanview to repair his broken relationship with his father, and is hired by Bo as an officer for the Llanview Police Department. On September 16, 1998, he is shot in the line of duty.

Actor History:Edit

  • Unknown actors (1983-1985; recurring)
  • Keith Bogart (1988-1989)
  • Victor Browne (1996-1997)
  • Samuel Ball (1998)

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Marital status (at death):Edit

Past marriage(s):Edit

  • None/unknown


  • Unnamed child (sex unknown, with Georgia "Georgie" Phillips, deceased)

Other relatives:Edit

Flings and relationships:Edit

  • Georgia "Georgie" Phillips (lovers, deceased)
  • Kelly Cramer (dated/engaged)

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