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Diego Padilla
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Esteban Benito
Current status Recurring
Duration 2013-present
First appearance April 29, 2013
Created by Thom Racina and Susan Bedsow Horgan
Introduced by Jennifer Pepperman
Gender Male
Occupation Doorman at Shelter nightclub
Residence Llanview, Pennsylvania

Diego Padilla is a fictional character on the Prospect Park's OLTL 2.0 played by Esteban Benito since April 29, 2013.


Diego is one of Blair Cramer and Cutter Wentworth's employees at Shelter, serving as the club's doorman. He was in an altercation with billionaire businessman Clint Buchanan, who was drugged (by cult members Jeffrey Wright and Carl Peterson) and drunk and punched out Diego when he wouldn't let him in the club. Cutter convinced Diego to not press charges against Clint so they wouldn't get anymore bad publicity for the club before Clint was honored as Llanview's Man of the Year at the gala being held at Shelter. After Cutter tried unsucessfuly to convince Clint to pay Diego's medial bills (due to the fact that Diego had no insurance), Cutter's girlfriend Natalie Buchanan told him and Diego that she would talk to a lawyer to convine her dad to take care of Diego's medical expenses. When Clint showed up intoxicated again at the club on the night of the gala (Clint was replaced by his brother Bo Buchanan after a video of him punching out Diego went viral on the internet), he bribed Diego to let him in the club by giving him a check for $100,000 to pay for his medical bills.

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