Patricia Mauceri

Patricia Maurceri as Carlotta Vega

Patricia Mauceri (1995-present)

Carlotta Espinoza Vega (née Santi) is introduced in 1995 as the longtime maid and loyal confidante of Dorian Lord. Carlotta's teenage son Cristian soon becomes romantically involved with heiress Jessica Buchanan. At first, both Carlotta and Jessica's parents disapprove of the match. Carlotta's elder son Antonio, a former gang member in Llanview's Angel Square, is released from prison the same year after serving a seven-year sentence for murder. Carlotta eventually quits Dorian's employ to run her own diner. Antonio later proves that his crime had been self-defense; he becomes a lawyer and then a police officer, eventually leaving town in 1998, but returning in 2000. Carlotta herself is romantically linked at times to both Clint Buchanan and Hank Gannon.

Carlotta suffers through the disappearance and presumed death of Cristian in 2003; Antonio is also accused of killing Keri Reynolds, the mother of his child, but is later exonerated. Also in 2003, Carlotta's 15-year-old goddaughter Adriana Colón arrives in Llanview; by 2004 it is revealed that Adriana is actually the secret daughter of Carlotta's brother, crime lord Manuel Santi, and Dorian Lord.

A Cristian lookalike with no memory of his past appears in Llanview in 2004, secretly programmed by Manuel's son Tico Santi to kill Antonio — who is secretly Manuel's eldest son and heir. Carlotta is forced to admit that Antonio is actually Manuel's son with Isabella/Angelina; the attempt to murder Antonio fails as the trauma of trying to kill his own brother brings Cristian's memories flooding back. After killing Tico and being sent to prison in 2005, Cristian keeps his true identity hidden from his family. Later in 2005, Cristian's sentence is overturned; he is released from jail and reveals himself to his overjoyed mother.

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