Carl Peterson
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Ron Raines
Current status Contract
Duration 2013-
First appearance August 20, 2013
Created by Thom Racina
Jessica Klein
Introduced by Jennifer Pepperman
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Head of a criminal organization
Residence The Palace Hotel
Llanview, Pennsylvania
Siblings Allison Perkins
Leah Joplin (deceased)

Carl Peterson is a fictional character on Prospect Park's online reboot of One Life to Live played by Ron Raines since 2013.

Carl Peterson is admired by Jeffrey King, who credits him for being where he is today. When Carl arrived in Llanview it was revealed that Allison Perkins was his sister, and he and Jeffrey were working on a plan which involved the demise of Victor Lord Jr. and his family. In addition, he threatens the Buchanan family, for he sent Jeffery to London to befriend Matthew Buchanan in 2009 as well as had Clint Buchanan drugged so he could be held in-creditable, if he threatened to expose Peterson's organization. It is hinted during his conversation with Jeffrey, he was an acquittance to Irene Manning and Victor Lord Sr.

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