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Buchanan Enterprises, founded by billionaire Asa Buchanan, is a multinational, family-owned corporation with offices worldwide. After visiting in Llanview in 1979, Texas-born Asa moves the headquarters of his company to Llanview in 1980 to stay close to sons Clint and Bo. As ruthless in business as he is devoted to his family, Asa's machinations (and attempts to both protect and control his family members) drive much of the drama in the series over the next two decades.In 1997, Clint's son Cord Roberts leaves Llanview for the London office of Buchanan Enterprises, and in 1998 Clint follows him. Clint returns to Llanview for good in 2005, and his adopted son Kevin later succeeds him in London in late 2006. Clint's daughter Natalie joins the company in 2007 after a failed attempt to become a police forensics investigator. Natalie's sister Jessica as well soon joins B.E. to fund her husband Nash's vineyard. Asa remained at B.E.'s helm until his death in August 2007 in which his son Clint succeed him as CEO. Asa's will forces his heirs (After Asa's death, the Buchanan Enterprises Board consists of sons Clint and Bo, grandchildren Cord, Kevin, Joey, Jessica, Natalie and Sarah, and Asa's initially unnamed "secret son." Jared Banks poses as this heir, who is actually David Vickers) to work together as board members for the company to earn their inheritance. The usually-upstanding Clint finds himself using the underhanded tactics of his father to fend off the multiple takeover attempts of Asa's business rivals. Fueled by a desire for personal revenge against Clint, Dr. Dorian Lord plots a secret, hostile take-over of the company, which succeeds at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholder meeting on June 3, 2008.[1] Dorian renames the company Cramer Enterprises. In October 2008, District Attorney and Clint's love interest, Nora Hanen, manages to finesse Dorian into signing controlling interest of the company back to the Buchanan family in exchange for dropping potential attempted murder charges. The company is re-christened Buchanan Enterprises or BE.

In December 2008, the Buchanans gather for a video message from Asa. A year prior, Asa had stipulated in his will that the family had one year to fulfill a challenge in order to receive their inheritance: work together as a family to raise the price of BE stocks. If they succeeded, they would be rich, if they failed...they would not receive a cent. Due to the takeover commandeered by Dorian and the near collapse of the US economy, BE shares have declined. As punishment, the Buchanan inheritance is left to Asa's long-lost son, David Vickers.[2] David learns of his true parentage,[3] and soon claims what is his.[4] However, a DNA test confirms that David is instead Bo's son,[5] rendering Asa's original will null and void.

On episode first-run June 28, 2011 in order for Clint Buchanan to get a heart transplant and live, he was forced to give his estranged son Rex Balsom Buchanan Enterprises. In return, Clint would get Rex's fiances, Gigi Morasco's heart. All existing shares, funds and properties were signed over to Rex Balsom. On the October 21 episode of that year, Rex Balsom returned all of the Buchanan holdings to its rightful owner Clint Buchanan.


  • Lone Star Records - Record Label started and run by Bo Buchanan in the 1980s. It was sold to rapper Snoop Dogg in 2008.
  • Cobb Industries - A company owned by rival Warren Cobb, but was bought out by B.E. in the 2008.
  • Webster International - A company owned by Virgil Webster another rival of Asa Buchanan, but was bought out by B.E. in 2008.
  • Brennan Winery - Owned by Nash Brennan, agreed to Jared's terms to sell the winery to BE
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