Brian Kendall
One Life to Live
Portrayed by Steve Austin
Duration 1975–78
First appearance April 1975
Last appearance April 27, 1978
Created by Agnes Nixon
Gordon Russell
Introduced by Doris Quinlan
Family Lord
Alias(es) Brian Lord
Occupation Student in Llanview
Parents Tony Lord
Pat Ashley
Grandparents Victor Lord
Dorothy Randolph
Martin Ashley
Helena Ashley
Aunts and uncles Victoria Lord
Meredith Lord
Tina Lord
Todd Manning
Victor Lord, Jr.
Margaret Ashley
First cousins Megan Gordon
Daniel Wolek
Kevin Riley Buchanan
Joey Riley Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
Natalie Buchanan
C. J. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Starr Manning
Danielle Manning
Jack Manning
Sam Manning

Brian Kendall is introduced as the eight-year-old son of new Banner reporter Patricia "Pat" Ashley in 1975. Shortly after his introduction, Pat reveals to new boss Victoria "Viki" Lord Riley that her son is, in fact, Viki's nephew and the son of Viki's maternal cousin and newly-uncovered brother, Anthony "Tony" Harris Lord. As Pat and Tony become romantically involved, Brian grows to greatly despise her mother's new beau as he pinned for his late father Paul Kendall, who apparently died before Brian and his mother relocated to Llanview.

On the episode first-run April 27, 1978, after years of speculation, mother Pat confirms Brian's worst suspicions — that Tony is his natural father; revealed out in the streets of the busy Llanview town square by Pat and Tony, a devastated Brian runs out into the street, where he is accidentally hit in a car driven by married businessman Talbot Huddleston in the company of his call girl, also married Karen Wolek . Panicked that their romantic indiscretions would be uncovered, Talbot and Karen decidedly drive away, leaving a severely-injured Brian on the road to succumb to injuries.

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